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Pink Point standPink Point is a gay and lesbian information kiosk situated at the Homomonument on the Amsterdam Westermarkt. It is open 7 days a week, from 10 AM till 6 PM. Pink Point provides information on the Homomonument, as well as general information on gay and lesbian Amsterdam.

Staffed by friendly and knowledgable volunteers, we have a wide range of information and flyers from local organisations, as well as one of the best selections of queer souvenirs and gifts in Holland.

One of the most important aspects of Pink Point is our visibility. Situated next to the busy Rozengracht and just meters away from the Anne Frank house, Pink Point is an accessible info point for everyone - not just visitors but also locals, gays and straights.


Pink Point started life as a converted ice-cream cart during the Gay Games of 1998 in Amsterdam. Pink Point in a ice-cream cart
In 1999 Pink Point returned for a month housed in a shipping container. Pink Point in a shipping container

From 2000 to 2002  we had a small,  yet cute little stall,  a recycled  'flower kiosk'.

Pink Point in a Flower Stall
In 2003 we finally got our very own site-specific kiosk. Designed by Marianne Meinema, the kiosk has a nine-sided form that opens to both the street and monument itself, and will allow us to function all year round. Pink Point Now


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