With Nutrisystem, make your healthy lifestyle journey affordable… Start living healthy with Nutrisystem!

Hello all, my name is Anne. I’m a waitress at the Vergara Coffee Place. I, along with all the other employees, have been following the Nutrisystem program for the past three months. I will tell you more about the Nutrisystem promo codes after I tell you about our fitness journey with Nutrisystem.

The Vergara Coffee Place is a local coffee shop with thirteen employees. The shop has been running for seven years now. Along with good coffee, cakes, and pastries, this coffee place is famous in the locality for playing music from the 80s. With some of the best songs of all time and good food and drinks, the only thing our manager wanted was for the employees live a healthy lifestyle so that the coffee place could have less absenteeism and better service. To start with a healthy lifestyle, all of the employees were advised to eat healthy, do some exercise and bring positive thinking to the mind.

Welcoming Nutrisystem to our lives

The first thing we needed to change was our diet. Since our coffee place has its peak times during the mornings and evenings, preparing healthy meals for us employees is a struggle. Our manager told us that he had been using Nutrisystem for the past year, and recommended us to follow the program. He also gave us some Nutrisystem coupons to encourage us to start following their diets.

After going through the Nutrisystem website, five of us decided to take the entire Nutrisystem program, while the others decided to take the “only one or two meals per day” program. I was among those who decided to take the entire Nutrisystem program. All of us called the Nutrisystem office and got recommended a meal plan for each one. After choosing our meals, in just a week, our food was delivered to our doorstep!

Making inexpensive meals more affordable

The Nutrisystem discount codes from YippeeCoupons are really a blessing! One to three dollars a day of discount is a lot of money saving. The meals are already so inexpensive… There are no meals more expensive than $13 per day, which is what we really pay for one normal fast food meal. The amazing thing about Nutrisystem is that it makes sure that anyone is able to afford the program!

The entire Nutrisystem program consists of six meals a day, which means each meal costs only about $2. This is reduced even more with Nutrisystem exclusive coupons! Before joining the Nutrisystem program, all of us used to have almost all fast foods for almost all meals, and those cost me so much more than what Nutrisystem meal prices. We were saving a lot of money because of the program along with getting fit and healthier.

The “Nutrisystem promise” is never broken

“Nutrisystem Nutrition Promise” guarantees that all the meals they provide are high in protein, high in fiber and have zero trans fat. Eating low-glycemic diet is very important to keep the blood sugar level maintained. Nutrisystem keeps even that in mind! No artificial colors and flavors with over a hundred preservative-free foods are Nutrisystem’s specialties. Thanks to the Nutrisystem promo codes; these are available to us in very low prices. Also, to educate us about healthy living, they have many counselors to keep the motivation level high and to keep up with my progress.

Morning jogging is always great! We started this because we were told by the Nutrisystem staff that about half an hour of physical activity along with the meal plan will help us get healthier. Getting up early to jog was a big change for all of us, but in just a month, ten of us from the coffee shop started meeting in the morning before job, to go for a jog or a walk.

Choices at Nutrisystem

For both the groups- the ones taking the entire Nutrisystem meal plan & the ones taking only a meal or two with Nutrisystem, we had an option to choose from 35 lunch menus and 50 snacks menus. Since the Vergara Coffee Place remains open all days of the week, eating together wasn’t bad because all our lunches were from Nutrisystem. Bean soups, potato dishes and pizzas were some of the choices for us. Chocolate muffins, ice cream sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies are great snacks choices too. All of this was great because everything was also extremely affordable with Nutrisystem coupon codes.

Weight loss is now easier with Nutrisystem

It was so amazing how we didn’t have to have a salad, or fruits or vegetables to get a healthy lifestyle. Nutrisystem allowed us low carb burgers and pizzas, not just salad. After just a month of living with Nutrisystem, all of us decided to have one more month of Nutrisystem, and by the end of another month, we decided to have another month of Nutrisystem!

Here are a few pros and cons about the Nutrisystem program:



  • Not as satisfyingly tasty as fast food
  • Having to microwave almost every meal
  • Time-consuming coupon hunt

All employees at the Vergara Coffee Place have been following Nutrisystem now for three entire months. How much our bodies have changed in just three months is a miracle. All of this has resulted in great differences in our attitudes towards the customers. We recommend Nutrisystem to everyone who asks us about our fitness. We also give out Nutrisystem deals to people who want to begin their Nutrisystem journeys. Start today and get inspired with Nutrisystem!